This page outlines the “teach your children godly sexuality” workshop and links to the relevant blog posts.  These posts will eventually be incorporated into a handy little book in 2017 together with some handy little summary cards and checklists in the resources section of my website

godly sexuality


The church and world environment.

godly sexuality

Firm foundations in your heart

If you’re not whole then it’s hard to pass wholeness onto your children.
A brief introduction to dealing with your inheritance – but they’ll be questions for reflection and prayers throughout the course.

Firm foundations in your marriage

Your children learn most about sexuality through how you as parents live your life.
Hence by loving your spouse well you will impart more than anything you could ever say.

Firm foundations with your children

Children learn best when they feel loved and they respect and trust you.
I outline the basic principles of godly parenting so that you become a source of grace (rather than law) to them.

Godly sexuality

God created it and declared it “very good”

Our sexuality is good because it reflects the:

  • community of the trinity
  • oneness of the trinity
  • love of the trinity
  • delight and joy in the trinity
  • the joy of the trinity in creation
  • the ultimate ecstasy of our union with Christ

Dealing with your inheritance – questions for thought and prayer on the goodness of our sexuality.

Applying the principle of goodness to real life situations.

godly sexuality

Our sexuality images our holy God

Our sexuality is holy because it reflects the:

Dealing with your inheritance – questions for thought and prayer on the holiness of our sexuality.

Applying the principles of goodness and holiness to real life situations.

as you walk along copy

God has called parents to be the primary communicators of his ways (Dt 6:7)

Freedom sky copy

Nothing is impossible

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