We were created in the image of God (Gen 1:27) and so our sexuality is theographic not pornographic.  That is it tells us about God: it is in fact a prophetic declaration about our three-in-one nature of God.

Satan has from the beginning sought to distort the nature of God (“did God really say…?” Gen 3) and so it is no surprise that we live in a society that aggressively seeks to put across a very different worldview and sadly much of the church has also got a warped view at the other extreme of society.

It is my desire to help restore what has been distorted by the world, bring sexual wholeness and help parents impart a godly view of sexuality to their children.

I blog on:

  • godly sexuality (what our sexuality tells us about God and vice versa)
  • godly parenting (applying how God parents us to how we parent our children)
  • godly marriage (applying how marriage reflects the Father’s love for the son and the Son’s love for us)
  • godly church (applying how the church is meant to also reflect the Trinity)
  • godly desire (the source of much addiction is simply a good desire that has been applied to the wrong thing – these are frank conversations about how we can redeem those desires)
  • godly children (seeing how our children respond to us can teach us how to respond to God)

To contact me please use the form on my website www.johnspencerwrites.com

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