Welcome to the official wordpress blog for godlysexuality.org.

Thank you so much for your patience during my wife’s illness – with Jennie now nearly fully recovered I can focus on making this a reality.

The aim of this blog is to help you gain a greater revelation of how our sexuality is ultimately a shadow of the heavenly reality of the Trinity and a foretaste of our ultimate union with Christ, ie our sexuality is theographic.

It is my hope that this will lead to greater sexual wholeness amongst Christians and in particular help parents impart a view of sexuality that is far superior to anything the world can offer.

The content of this blog will start with the face-to-face “teach your children godly sexuality” workshop that I run with both video and transcript.  e-workbooks will also be available for subscribers.

In addition the blog will allow me to go a little deeper on some of the theological issues that are introduced in the course.  This will allow us to wrestle together with becoming more godly and also with training our children.

Finally I’ll be reviewing some of the many books and videos out there on this subject and be sharing any resources I have created to help me or my children on our journey.

This blog is not going to be the definitive answer – I’ve not finished my journey yet!  But I hope that my honesty in sharing what I have received over the course of my Christian life will bless you.  I’m hoping that you will also share what has been revealed to you so we can all benefit and encourage each other onwards.

When responding to any comments that I or others make, please remember we are all children of the same heavenly father and are only saved by grace.

Much love in Jesus


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